Indigenous Economic Development Partners

Media Partner

Territory Q 
Territory Q is the premium business and industry magazine of the Northern Territory. We are an independent, private enterprise determined to offer an integrated and inclusive platform to the entire business community to engage in sharing information, inspiration, motivation, education and conversation to each other – and the world at large.Our content rich publications are full of inspiring business men and women, passionate entrepreneurs and extraordinary Territorians who have achieved their professional dreams through sheer determination and grit, come hell, high water, airline strikes and cyclones.Territory Q’s inclusive approach means all sectors of business spanning across the whole of Northern Australia will be featured – mining and resources, property and land development, transport, horticulture, agriculture, tourism, aviation, sport, finance, marine, the arts and more.

National Mining Chronicle 
National Mining Chronicle is your informed connection to what’s making news in the Australian and overseas mining industry today. The high-gloss magazine tackles the biggest matters facing mining and reflects the evolving face of the industry through insightful and indepth articles and opinion pieces. National Mining Chronicle is a voice of clarity in the ever-changing mining space. 

Endorsing Partner

Energy Club NT
Energy Club NT is the leading networking organisation in Northern Australia providing a platform to connect the energy industry and stakeholders, initiate and sustain business relationships and share information across the sector. The organisation an industry aligned and values driven supporting a wide demographic of businesses in the energy sector including conventional and unconventional oil and gas, and alternative energy sources. Energy Club is a not-for-profit association fostering professional relationships, business networking, research and development opportunities and collaboration that contributes to the growth of the energy industry.
Energy Club NT provides forums benefiting members and facilitating business opportunities by connecting the growing sub-sectors of the energy industry. We actively promote the service and supply capability of the NT industry and encourage positive engagement for continued investment opportunity for the industry’s long-term sustainability.
Energy Club NT hosts various events to facilitate thought leadership, diversified and challenging dialogue relevant to the industry’s growth and development, education and information sharing. We welcome as our members, local businesses, national and multinational companies, government and professional service representatives with an interest in the Northern Territory energy industry.

Analysis & Policy Observatory
The Analysis & Policy Observatory is an award-winning research collection and information service curating key resources to support evidence-informed policy and practice. APO hosts and provides free access to a wide range of grey literature, data, journal articles and books, audio and video and online resources and the tools to publish, search, manage and track content, people and organisations.